White Heron Drinks

Journey to Herefordshire where juicy berries and cider apples soak in the English summer fun.

Stay in one of our White Heron Properties in comfortable luxury, walk in the fields where the Cassis journey begins and tour the winery with one of our production managers.

White Heron have won almost as many awards for their accommodation as they have for their signature liqueur.

Grown, picked and blended on our family farm, where blackcurrants have been grown since 1876.

Whittern Farms is one of just 35 growers trusted to grow blackcurrants for Ribena as well as apples for one of Herefordshire’s biggest exports, Bulmer’s Cider.

Refined over four generations, White Heron’s fruit-growing expertise coupled with the techniques of traditional wine-makers give British Cassis it’s uniquely sultry profile. A depth of flavour acheived through 140 years of passion.