Weobley Brewery

Here at Jules restaurant many of our customers enjoy a good pint with their meal & for years craft beers have always held a prominent place on our drinks menu.

So an obvious next step for us has been to build and run a microbrewery in our own backyard. Though we did not realise it at the time we have been reviving a centuries old tradition of brewing in Weobley, which together with glove making & the wool industry helped Weobley prosper for centuries.

Weobley Brewery Herefordshire
Tom’s interest in brewing has always run alongside his career as a chef.

Following a year of development, our beers are widely distributed throughout Herefordshire, as well as in Jules Restaurant and they are finding homes on tap in several well known local pubs.

Our range consists of: Mr Magpies Bitter & Stout, Black & White Mocha Stout and Gold Finger (a golden ale).