Three Fruity Ladies

We blame John (Husband and Dad) for sowing the seeds of
‘Three Fruity Ladies’. A keen gardener, he always grew more fruit and veg than we could ever eat!

Wasting produce was never an option, so Pam preserved as much as she could and started giving these preserves as gifts to friends who had encouraged her to start selling the products, and became locally known, as ‘Pam the Jam’ and formed ‘Pam’s Country Preserves’, eventually, she attended a Christmas fair, that was over 20 years ago!

Three Fruity Ladies Hereford
We produce homemade preserves including jams, chutneys, ketchup, pickle and marmalades.

Now, joined by her two daughters, Lesley and Emily, and with Dad still at hand giving advice on growing the produce to provide the ingredients for our preserves, ‘Three Fruity Ladies’ was born, we are able to say that we truly are an artisan family food business.

We pride ourselves on producing delicious homegrown, homemade products, made in Herefordshire, using traditional family recipes by our food loving family.