Seigerrebe White Wine 75cl 11.5% ABV


Siegerrebe is a white wine grape grown primarily in Germany. A relation to Gewürztraminer, Siegerrebe is known as ‘victory vine’ in German. The vine is very well suited to our English climate as bud-burst is late and the fruit ripening is early – perfect for growing in the rich Herefordshire terrain.

The deliciously crisp white wine we produce from the Siegerrebe grapes (pronounced zee-ger-riba) at Wythall Estate is a clear, pale colour with a fresh, lively smell of white-currants and nettles. The taste follows through with flavours of melon and white-curran. The wine has a ripe acidity; dry, but not at all sharp. A medium body with a long, juicy finish.

Wine GB Bronze Award for Wythall Estate Siegerrebe English Wine 2020. Award for Wythall Estate Siegerrebe English Wine 2019.

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