Colcombe House Willie Gunn 500ml (5.3% ABV)


“A medium dry, slowly matured Herefordshire-style apple cider with full-bodied caramel flavours and deeply refreshing finish.”

Cider Maker’s Tip
An all year round, easy drinking cider which goes very well with all your bbq favourites. Also available in 330ml bottles, clear and a cloudy 5, 10 and 20 litre party pack(s).

Full bodied cider which has now been internationally recognised winning a bronze award, at the International Cider Challenge.

A full bodied, premium Herefordshire style cider with deep caramel flavours from a blend of traditional cider apple varieties.

  • Deep body
  • Traditional tasting cider
  • True apple cider
  • Caramel notes

Clarity: Clear, Caramel
Colour: Amber, Golden

Cidery, Oak, Caramel, Citrus fruit, Dry apple skins

Dense, dark and deep strong

Flavour & Mouthfeel
Bittersweet, high fruity notes, molasses. Combination of a crisp, drying, linear and robust cider with a full body.

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