Monkhide Country Wines

Escaping the life of a classroom teaching assistant to start living our dream of being wine and liqueur makers finally managed to take shape in the winter of 2002 shortly after moving to live in the beautiful countryside on the edge of a Herefordshire village.

With a background in science, we began to experiment with different types of seasonal ingredients that grew in and around our orchard as well as our garden, trialling them with a variety of different yeasts.

Once we decided what to include in our range, we then set about attending as many food festivals and farmer’s markets that we could and where overwhelmed by the positive public response to our drinks. Over the years we’ve won numerous awards.

Monkhide Country Wines
Real ingredients, traditionally made.

Fermenting fresh ingredients is a process that cannot be rushed and there are no shortcuts to creating consistent quality wines. Five years ago we also set up our own apiary so we could use our own honey to ferment a traditional Mead.

For us there is simply no better way to start the day than by checking through our barrels to see how things are fermenting and plan our day’s work accordingly.