Franks Luxury Biscuits

Mum’s original oat biscuit recipe, baked in our farmhouse kitchen, was a family favourite, and always baked on a Thursday. There were always several tins in the larder full of different biscuits and cakes regularly dipped into by the family and friends. The Oatie biscuit became a favourite recipe that Frank used to bake for friends and family alike.

It was particularly a wow factor when he started to ask Lesley out. When they married, the Oatie continued to be baked for friends and work colleagues, to raise money for missionaries in other countries, through their local church. In the summer of 2002, the wife of a colleague suggested to Frank and Lesley that they seriously think about marketing the biscuit as it was so popular.

With Frank’s, quality has always come first which is why everything is handbaked, using only the finest natural ingredients.

The business has continued to grow, and the extent of our range has grown too. When Lesley’s son James introduced the Butter Bite range in 2011, Frank had to admit that he no longer knew how to bake everything in the range!

At Frank’s quality has always come first. That is why everything is hand baked using no added preservatives, and above all, only the finest natural ingredients.