Foxtail Distillery

A simple concept born out of a desire to create a spirit with unique heritage and provenance, one which explores different and unusual flavour profiles, a spirit which is inspired by nature and captures what we’d like to call the Spirit of Herefordshire. Unlike other spirits Gin has always been regarded as that quintessential English drink, a little bit traditional, a little bit safe! Here at Foxtail though we’ve made it our mission to dispel that and help you discover the true beauty in ‘Craft’ Gin.

Making Gin isn’t easy, there’s a lot to master and that’s why we only employ skilled and creative folk who love this tipple as much as us. Known amongst his friends as the ‘genius of gin’, Ross has an uncompromised approach to gin-making.

Foxtail Distillery
Once upon a gin…
Mostly the herbs, flowers and botanicals are foraged from our garden, hedgerows, woodlands and meadows close to our distillery based in Herefordshire. These are then craftily distilled at low temperatures to capture the fresh lively essence of our British countryside. The botanicals we use include rosehips, apple blossom, blackberries, sloes, nettles, rose petals, orchard fruits, lemon verbena, apple mint, rosemary, lavender, sweet chestnuts, elderberries, elderflowers, citrus peel, chamomile, crab apple, rowan berries, damsons and Orris root.