Cocoa Connection

We hand craft all our chocolates in small batches in the heart of Herefordshire using traditional methods. We are passionate about quality, authenticity, and the wellbeing of people in cocoa growing countries.

All our chocolate is sustainably grown and Fair Trade to ensure cocoa farmers receive a fair deal, and their livelihoods are protected.

We love authentic flavours, and this is reflected in the quality of our ingredients. We have selected the finest quality, high cocoa content chocolate, and where many chocolatiers use inexpensive artificial flavourings, our flavour comes from the finest extracts from fruits, nuts, and leaves, so you can taste the real thing.

Cocoa Connection Herefordshire
Real Chocolate, Real Flavour, Real Change

We love chocolate, but more than that we want to connect with people in developing countries and transform lives. By donating some of our profit from each bar sold, a simple thing like enjoying a chocolate bar or buying a gift for a friend can have a massive, life changing impact for someone in desperate need.

For each bar you buy we will donate from our profit the equivalent of one month’s water to the charity Water. Water is a brilliant charity that ensures 100% of all donations go to the actual water projects.