Celtic Marches Cider

You might be forgiven for not immediately recognising the brand name as Celtic Marches had been one of Herefordshire’s best kept secrets. Nestled in a quiet corner of Herefordshire, a county renowned for its cider production, this single-estate apple cider producer has been milling away peacefully for over 100 years.

Wyer Croft is home to Celtic Marches. With 200 acres of cider apple orchards, developed over seven generations, we are a self-sustaining craft cider firm producing up to 3 million litres a year. Our luscious lined orchards are filled with eight cider tree varieties. Each chosen for their growth and taste profiles, we blend these to create our international award-winning ciders.

Our family farm is home to more than just our luscious orchards, it’s also where you’ll find our commercial press and storage tanks. Depending on the variety and season, we press 5-8 tonnes an hour and our juice yield is between 650-780 litres a tonne. A hot summer will produce high sugar/low juice whilst a wet season will deliver low sugar/high juice. A hot wet summer is always hoped for on the farm but good ol’ British weather is never easily predicted!

We are committed to producing artisan products with the care and compassion of a small local cider maker.

One of the major advantages of being a family run cider maker is the control. We have full control from pip to pint. We grow, pick and press on site. From our 200 acres of cider apple orchards we blend with precision. We pride ourselves on quality, provenance and traceability as well as sustainability. Awarded PGI status, you can be assured that only Herefordshire apples are used in this craft cider. We do not need to ‘buy in’ apples, nor do we use concentrate. We know exactly what variety of cider apples we use, how they have been cared for and how to get the best results from them.

Cider production is an art form. Our traditional skills and knowledge are now complemented by modern techniques, from the planting, to our orchard maintenance, harvest to fermentation. The family commitment to the business, top to bottom, is unquestionable. We offer consistent quality and award-winning taste profiles with a key focus and ability to adapt with changing trends. We stay true to our craft and are dedicated to working with our farmscape, never against it.

Our rare position is a result of over 100 years and numerous generations that have dedicated themselves to the orchards and hop fields. Our production miles are low, with both our growth and production based on the family farm. Celtic Marches’ sister company, Marches Bottling and Packaging is less than 5 miles away, maintaining our aim to reduce our production impact on the environment.

Our bold, strong female branding stands out from the norm and is reflective of the women behind this slick operation. With large scale production abilities, the team has been selected by Director, Susan Vaughan for their skills, passion for quality and consistent drive for a premium craft cider. Shaking off the traditional approach to cider branding, each of the core range has a woman’s name, all with a different character and taste.